Categories for IBYE

The IBYE Competition is broken down into three Categories


To enter the IBYE Competition you must have a new idea or concept for a business that has not yet commenced trading. This can be an original or unique concept, a new idea for a product or service offering or simply an innovative approach to delivering an existing product or service already on the market. Converting an idea into an actual business requires thinking about your target market i.e. how the product or service offering will be sold, who will buy it and what are the key features/benefits of same.


A start-up business for the IBYE Competition is a business which has started trading and is less than 24 months in existence. This start-up business typically will be at the early development stage. This early development stage of the business may be focused on research, product/service development, market growth, and has potential to grow and expand. It is important that a clear milestone development plan has been agreed for the start-up business.


An established business for the IBYE Competition will be trading for more than 24 months. First and foremost this established business must be able to demonstrate a satisfactory track record of success to date. To be eligible to enter this competition the established business must be in position to further develop the existing business This may include a new product/service offering, new market opportunity identified or an innovative approach to changing or adapting the existing business model. Ultimately the plan for the business must deliver a strong economic impact.