Laois TASTE Producers

Laois TASTE Producers Membership

Laois TASTE is a diverse group of Laois based Food & Drink Producers dedicated to promoting the Laois Food & Drink Sector through the Laois TASTE brand, locally, nationally and internationally.

The Laois TASTE Brand is a mark of origin and allows consumers to identify food/drink which is produced in Laois or businesses which sell Laois made produce.

Embracing Laois TASTE is an opportunity for your business to benefit from the growing trends of consumers looking for and spending more on locally sourced food/drink and could:

  • Increase visitor spend
  • Attract more customers
  • Increase satisfaction
  • Create a platform for producers and providers to work together
  • Raise the profile of your locality
  • Bring increased business to your area
  • Benefit the local economy
  • Bring new products to market

Membership of Laois TASTE will afford your business:

  • Networking opportunities - free networking opportunities and events. Meet with, and learn from, others in your same area of business.
  • Training - free seminars, tailored training and business development events.
  • Sales - increased sales opportunities through exposure to potential new customers and export opportunities.
  • Group marketing - we will endeavour to take a collective approach to marketing which will save you time and money.
  • Regional branding - members will be invited to participate in regional and national food/drink events under the Laois TASTE brand.
  • Have a say - getting involved means you can help to shape the future development of your local food/drink sector.

How will it work for your business?

  • Connect approved members with a consumer audience, who share a passion for Laois food/drink, and who respect the importance of this sector to Laois’ future economic potential.
  • Link your business to food/drink connections in restaurants, retail and food/drink service operators.
  • Members will be listed in the Laois Producers Directory as well as being included on the Laois TASTE Food & Drink Tourism Map which is promoted throughout the County.
  • Use of Laois TASTE Brand.
  • Members will also be entitled to subsidised/free of charge participation in activities including mentoring, training, networking events, marketing programmes, showcase events etc.
  • Provide access to funding information and advice from the Local Enterprise Office.
  • Provide new opportunities to increase your markets and market share through the network, its contacts and actions.

Key Criteria for using the Laois TASTE Brand

The Laois TASTE brand is a brand of provenance and can be used to promote any food/drink product which is made in Laois or any activities from within the county designed to promote Laois food and drink.  The key criteria for using the Laois TASTE brand is as follows:


  • It can only be used when highlighting people and places, and is not a brand indicating quality levels.
  • It is to be used by businesses who have demonstrated commitment to developing the food/drink sector in Co. Laois.
  • For a Food/Drink Producer to use the Laois TASTE brand they must demonstrate that the product is grown/sourced from within the county (this includes its land, rivers).
  • Products to be covered under the Laois TASTE brand must be listed, as the use of the brand may not apply to the total business and products produced.
  • Products imported and repackaged within the county will not qualify for use of the Laois TASTE brand.
  • Applicants must be a member of the Laois TASTE.
  • Annual Fee of €100 must be paid in advance of using the brand if approval is granted.

Terms & Conditions:

–       Overall responsibility for the management, oversight and operation of the Laois TASTE Brand will remain with the Local Enterprise Office, Laois County Council.

–       All applicants must complete an application form. A Laois TASTE brand approval sub-committee will assess all applications and will act as a judicator where any question of withdrawing the brand arises.

–       Permission to use the Laois TASTE brand will be withdrawn if there is any breach of the rules.  No refund will be offered.

–       The applicants will be responsible for any costs incurred through disposal of marketing collateral if permission to use the Laois TASTE  brand  is withdrawn.

–       Each permission to use the brand will be valid for 12 months from the date of issue once the minimum criteria are met.

–       The brand logo of Laois Taste may be used in advertising, at point of sale and on promotional literature, stationery, etc. within the scope of the brand guidelines.

–       Manufacturers and Producers may use the Laois Taste brand only on approved product(s).

–       An annual fee of €100 will be required to use the brand.

–       Approval to use the Laois TASTE brand will entitle all subscribers to participate in the subsidised/free of charge activities through LEO, including mentoring, training, networking events, marketing programmes, showcase events, etc.

–       As a member you will be open to being randomly selected and audited against the criteria. If selected you must facilitate the approvals committee.

–       In order to maintain the credibility and reputation of the Laois Taste brand, permission to use the brand will be awarded only following a complete assessment of the applicant‘s application and approval.  The sub-committee reserves the right to refuse any application without assigning any reason for its decision.

–       The Laois Taste brand accepts no liability for defective products/services offered by authorised persons using the brand or otherwise howsoever arising.

–       If found to be in breach of the conditions, all marketing collateral i.e. decals, certificate, plaque, use of Laois TASTE logo etc., will be withdrawn with immediate effect

Click here for the application form for food/drinks producers who wish to become a member of Laois TASTE