Tips to completing your application correctly

Please note you must complete all sections of the application form in order for your application to be considered complete.

Applications submitted without quotes and relevant documents are not complete.

Please ensure you meet the relevant qualifying criteria.


  •  Please supply three quotes for each element e.g. three quotes for website build and design and or photography etc. Your preferred supplier quote must be on their headed paper and detail all the elements they are proposing to do.
  •   Please only enter your preferred supplier/s on the application form
  •   If video/photography is being undertaken by your main website supplier they must detail the costs for this element separately.
  •   If you are unable to get two other quotes we will require evidence that you have sought the i.e. copies of SENT emails.
  •   Quotations are not required for Facebook/ Google AdWords. 

If you are a sole trader/partnership and not a Limited Company we will require evidence that you have been trading for 6 months. This can be in the form of a business bank statement with transaction from 6months +, a VAT or Revenue Return or letter from your accountant confirming you have been trading (not just registered). Eligible applicants must be registered with the Irish Revenue Department.


We would ask that you combine your documents into one email and have them clearly labelled.