Back to School for Business

“It might be time for the kids to go back to school, but business owners are always learning. And here at the Local Enterprise Office, we are proud to announce a new term of affordable training solutions for local businesses for Autumn/Winter 2022.” so says Riona McCoy, Acting Head of Enterprise for LEO Louth.

Training is either free or heavily subsidised, making it affordable and accessible for all small businesses. The majority of courses are online, making them even easier to attend.

Riona explains the training options available “Accounts and taxation are always hot topics for small business. We have a range of training on offer including book-keeping, filing tax returns and introduction to VAT.”

She continues “Social media marketing is crucially important for small businesses. General social media training is available as well as specialist sessions for Instagram, Facebook, and Business Blogging.”

The Retail sector is ever evolving, and retailers need to adapt with it. Riona explains “Our E-Commerce & The Retailer programme is a dedicated, intensive, strategic course for retailers. It helps them to understand changing trends, develop sales across multiple channels and tap into innovation. It includes group training and one-to-one mentoring support.”

There will also be information sessions on the Lean Management Development and the Trading Online Voucher Programmes. Lean helps businesses to assess their processes, eliminate waste and drive efficiency, while the Trading Online Voucher helps companies to develop their e-commerce potential.

In addition, three “Start Your Own Business Programmes” will take place this Autumn. These are ideal for anyone who has a business idea that they would like to explore or has already started a business and wants more support.

Riona concludes “Click here to discover more about the training and other supports that we have for your business. We are here to support your business and we look forward to welcoming you to some of this term’s training events.”

Published:  Tuesday, 30th August 2022