Innovate Accelerate Europe

innovate accelerate Europe

Has Brexit and Covid made you look at alternative ways to grow and better yourself and your business?  Then this programme is for you!  Stay ahead of your competition and potentially increase your earnings by looking at the opportunities beyond the island of Ireland. You will need to internationalise, secure new markets and acquire knowledge of better ways to do what you do.  There is no greater need for an International Trade Readiness Programme than now.


Why do this Programme?

  • The InnovateAccelerate Europe Pilot Programme is uniquely available to food and drink businesses based in the Boyne/Gullion/Mourne trade corridor between Dublin and Belfast which covers the Newry Mourne & Down district and counties Louth and Meath. The Programme this year will focus on small food and drink companies because they will be among the most challenged by Brexit, and Covid, which means food and drink companies must find new ways of presenting, promoting and selling their products. There is currently no other programme of support like it available anywhere on the island of Ireland.


Benefits of Joining the Programme



This programme is supported by the Local Enterprise Office, no cost to your business.


How to Apply

If you’re interested in applying, please contact Grainne McKeown, Food Business Development Officer, on  by 5pm on Friday 11th September 2020