Lean for Micro


It may feel like business costs are rising uncontrollably. You may be looking at shrinking margins, supply chain issues and wondering how to adapt in this shifting and changing environment. Now is the time to talk to your Local Enterprise Office. Now is the time to introduce Lean into your business” explains Peter McGrane of Louth’s Local Enterprise Office.

We have a range of Lean supports to help you analyse different parts of your business, identify and eliminate waste, improve processes and drive efficiency. Lean is a way of taking back control and running a more effective business.

Lean is traditionally thought of as a process for manufacturing business. However, over recent years, Lean has been adapted for service industries, and small and medium businesses. And business owners are seeing superb results.

Peter continues “We know from research into companies that have already undertaken Lean programmes, that on average productivity increases of 20%, sales increase of 40%, quality improvement of 30% and or employment increases of 11% can be achieved. Introducing Lean into your business, using the supports we offer, can potentially drive similar results for you.” 

Talking about how it works, Peter explains “Lean is tailored to your business. A Lean expert visits your company for 5.5 days, evaluates your processes, talking about the challenges being faced by the business and identifies improvement opportunities available. Lean tools and techniques will be taught and the team will be trained and mentored in implementing Lean. Introduction to Lean courses and shorter Lean mentoring assignments are also available.

Be inspired by the stories of other entrepreneurs who have introduced Lean to their business and discover how to apply by visiting: www.localenterprise.ie/lean  

Peter concludes “So don’t delay. Don’t let soaring business costs damage your business. Take back control, eliminate waste, drive efficiency and reduce costs using Lean. If you have any questions about Lean or need other advice, email us on info@leo.louthcoco.ie or call 042 9335457.

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