Look for Local This Christmas, Look for Louth

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As the festive season approaches, we’re getting into the Christmas spirit and urging local people to "Look for Local, Look for Louth."

Choose to make a difference this year by opting for the charm and uniqueness of local shopping in Louth’s many charming towns and villages.

Sarah Mallon from Local Enterprise Office Louth focuses on the economic benefits: "Every local purchase directly impacts our community's economic health. It sustains jobs, encourages new businesses to start-up, and adds to the overall vibrancy of Louth. This Christmas, let's give our local businesses our support, both in-store and online, and celebrate the personal touch they bring to our shopping experiences."

Look for Local this Christmas - Look for Louth (Shop)

Local retailer Patricia McDonnell of Pasma Shoes in Ardee explains "The towns and villages of Louth are home to a treasure trove of unique shops and boutiques, each offering something special. When you shop locally, you're not just getting a product; you're investing in the passion, expertise, and personalised service that our local business owners provide. So, let's all keep it local and make our Christmas shopping an unforgettable experience."

Sarah Mallon adds a savvy online shopping tip: “When going digital, add in the word 'Louth' or the name of your local town or village into your online search. This helps you find out if your desired gift is available locally, before ordering it from abroad. Once you've located the perfect gift, you can either purchase in store or order online.”

“At the Local Enterprise Office Louth, we're all about supporting the growth of small businesses. That's why we encourage everyone to visit www.localenterprise.ie/Louth to kickstart yourChristmas shopping. Explore a vast selection of local shops, gifts, crafts, home and garden, food, fashion, and more, all right on your doorstep. If you’d like to see your business on our webpage, email your company name, web address and the category your business belongs in to tradingonline@leo.louthcoco.ie. We’re proud to host the Look for Local, Look for Louth campaign, reminding locals that thoughtful shopping choices can make a positive impact on our community, both at Christmas and throughout the year.”