Lunch & Learn Live Training Webinar Series

Lunch & Learn - Live Training Webinar Series  (LEO Client Training Initiative)
In partnership with Sarah Coughlan and the LEO Unit, a new ‘Lunch & Lean’ live training webinar series starts tomorrow, April 16th at 1pm through the LEO Facebook page.
This is open and accessible to all LEO client companies and prospective clients across the country, with no registration or sign-up required. This new series is intended to complement the online training and webinar programmes that are already in existence.
‘Lunch & Learn’ will be hosted by Greg Fry of Content Plan through BeLive on the national LEO Facebook Page ( ) then uploaded to the LEO YouTube account and then to the LEO gateway website.
It’s an interactive chat with a different expert every week under a ‘Lunch & Learn’ model and the first interviewee is Caroline McEnery of The HR Suite (topic: HR planning for SMEs during the crisis).
The BeLive link will be signposted from the national Facebook page and is free and accessible to all. All ‘Lunch & Learn’ episodes will be available on and through the LEO YouTube channel.