Preparation for UK Brexit Customs - Free online sessions from Export Edge

The latest UK public announcement remains adamant on UK transition ceasing at the end of December 2020.

Trading with the UK will become increasingly difficult and costly without a new comprehensive trade deal, which is looking unlikely. The major surge in Customs declarations will overwhelm shipping processes, declarations will not comply with the law and goods will not move or be delayed. Kepping logistics working is essential to keeping food and other goods moving and keeping the country's economy working.

Export Edge are continuing their online delivery via webinar to highlight  the ongoing Brexit Customs issues aimed at achieving more focused communication and teamwork in these times.

To help businesses become Brexit ready, Export Edge are running free online sessions, aimed at helping companies to put Customs procedures in place. We all must avoid substantial loss of business and jobs, which will be caused by delays or inability to trade with the UK.

For more information or to register for this online session on Tuesday 7th April at 11am, email Austin.

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