This Christmas period it is more important then ever that local retailers have a presence.

In a major effort to promote local retail, Local Enterprise Offices are striving to ensure our local shops have the strongest presence possible this winter.

LEO Louth will endeavour to give your business as much exposure as possible. We will be promoting local businesses through our website, and social and print media.

If you are a local business and want to be included in our retail promotions, email by Friday 13th November.

Please include the below details:

Please identify your business category from the list below:

  1. Hairdressing/Beauty
  2. Boutiques
  3. Gift/Craft
  4. Food/ restaurant - Cafe
  5. Health/ Fitness
  6. Professional Service
  7. Other
Business Name                         
Tell us about yourself


Business Address
Website Address

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Business Category
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To download this questionnaire/ booking form, please click here 

Complete and return to on or before 13th November to be included in the promotion.