Supporting Innovation

Innovation – whether it is the generation and introduction of a new idea, the invention of a new technology, the development of new or better products, processes and services – is about the constant drive for improvement. Innovation, whether it comes from advances in research and development, or science and technology, is about finding solutions that are original, more effective and, most importantly, deliver positive change.

In recognising the critical role that Innovation plays in the development, growth, sustainability and success of companies in Co. Louth there are a range of supports available to support companies to be innovative in their development of products, services, business practices and marketing.

We directly support Feasibility Innovation Studies through grant supports for new and existing entrepreneurs and companies.
We are also lead Agency in the delivery of the Innovation Alliance which aims to break down barriers to the effective transfer and implementation of innovation between Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

Enterprise Ireland can help companies of all sizes to engage in innovation and research activities. From €5,000 Innovation Vouchers open to all, through collaborative research, right through to industry-led R&D at the top of the innovation ladder, we are here to help. Companies investing in R&D activities may also qualify for tax credits under the R&D Tax Credit Scheme which is managed by the Revenue Commissioners. See Revenue Guide to the R&D Tax Credit scheme.

Intertrade Ireland also support FUSION which can facilitate technology transfer from HEIs and provide financial support for the specialist expertise your business needs.

The European IPR Helpdesk aims to raise awareness of Intellectual Property Rights so that you can protect your companies innovations . The helpdesk provides customised support for tackling general or specific IP questions and to empower entrepreneurs to develop their own capabilities to deal with Intellectual Property in their businesses.