Celtic Testing Represent Team Louth at the National Finals

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What is the business?

Celtic Testing supplies lean IT project delivery services to national and US clients. Celtic Testing shows clients how to optimise the return from their technology investments and build confidence in delivery of IT projects.


The business to date:

Nicole Carey joined Celtic Testing in 2015, and was appointed Managing Director in 2017.


The company’s nine full time, highly skilled and experienced staff complement, enhance and support their clients’ ability to confidently deliver high quality IT projects that address business priorities in a timely and cost effective manner. Celtic Testing encourages and supports its team to be the best version of themselves, continually investing in training and educating delivery teams so they stay abreast of the latest technology trends and tools, and continue to offer value to clients. This ensures they build long term partnerships with clients and retain key staff.


The business was set-up to provide a solution to enable growing companies to mitigate risks on technology investments; increase their ability to successfully deliver IT projects that meet business needs; provide technically skilled and experienced consultants; build cohesive technology delivery teams; build a lean framework focused on quality outputs; ensure companies have audit trails to meet regulations and standards; and develop confidence in their ability to adapt and respond to technology trends. Their business model offers an alternative to existing business models in their target market. They offer to host projects locally, addressing the ever growing problem of space and resource availability in Dublin.


They host projects for US clients and national clients, and have delivered all projects to date on time, within budget and with zero critical defects.


How the LEO supported the business:

  • 2015 – €20,000 Grant for two new employees


Plans for the future:

Celtic Testing aim to increase the organisation’s ability to respond to ever changing technology requirements confidently.


In 2018 they expect to grow revenues and expand their national client base. They plan to move in to the UK market in 2019, and by 2020, the aim is to grow revenues further, and break into the UAE and Dubai markets.


For more information visit www.celtictesting.com.