Monaghan Tourism Business Network

A professional economic and entrepreneurial enterprise support programme aimed at a broad range of commercial entities from the craft and tourism sector, promoting a culture of innovation and competiveness. This business network will provide a forum to be creative, and generate new products or service for the tourism industry and will be supported by an enterprise culture, bespoke advice, management training, mentoring, networking and a range of financial supports.

Why now?

Monaghan LEO and Monaghan Tourism recognise there is a growing need for business’s operating in the tourism sector to innovate and be competitive and reflect that unique Monaghan visitor experience through innovative tourist collections or service.

This programme is designed to support your tourism business with specific emphasis on recovering from the Covid 19 epidemic and its impact on all Monaghan business operating in the tourist sector. Our aim is that each participating business will innovate new products or services that will drive their ability to compete in the fast developing international tourism sector and be supported with new skills enabling us to bounce and build growth again. It will be a unique opportunity to work with a broad range of passionate Monaghan businesses all sharing the same goal.

Phase 1 Business Assessment

Phase 2 Innovation Development

Phase 3 Business Commercialisation

  • 1 month
  • New ideas & innovation Exploration
  • Business
  • Supports
  • Identified
  • Monitoring of commencement position of all companies

4 months
  • Structured training
  • Extensive mentoring
  • Promoting sustainability in the tourism industry.
  • Range of Network Presentations
  • Business Branding support
  • Relooking at your Brand story
  • Prototyping
  • Exploring Packaging and Business marketing material
  • Tracking of progress and impact forms
2 months
  • Evaluation and assessment of proposed innovation strategies (One to one) and Peer discussions
  • Route to Market strategies
  • Customer value proposition refinement.
  • Retailer presentations workshop
  • Documenting of progress and goals achieved.

Where is it based?

The Tourism Business Network is based in County Monaghan and it is envisaged that phase 1; business assessments will be held remotely. It is hoped that phase 2; network meetings and group training will be held in various tourist attractions locations, however, may have to be initially held “virtually” in an online format subject to COVID restrictions.

How will it benefit my business?

This three phase network will provide, over a seven month period, a professional practical support programme specifically designed to drive and re-ignite growth in your SME tourist and craft businesses. Now is the opportune time to review your business model and explore partnership opportunities, enabling your business to be ready when the time comes. This programme will encourage and support you to innovate and compete more effectively in the tourism sector. We recognise that every company will have different requirements and the supports provided will be tailored to address your specific requirements. Innovation may include creation of new products or services, process innovation, market innovation, input innovation and organisational innovation. One to one business assessments, training, mentoring and range of carefully selected network topic presentations will be provided by experienced practitioners through a structured delivery and assessment process. This programme of entrepreneurial business networking will provide a forum to build business relationships, identify, develop or act upon economic opportunities, share information and see potential business partners for future ventures.

What supports are provided?

  • How to manage the business post Covid 19 and build growth for the future.
  • How to implement innovation of product and service development in your business working with experienced industry practitioners.
  • Introduction to networks of mentors and other local supports
  • Personal bespoke mentoring delivered by experts in the field of business management and development.
  • Opportunity to meet with and share knowledge with other likeminded organisations with the same shared goals.


Who is eligible to Apply?

You are eligible to take part if you meet the following criteria:

  • If your business is from the SME tourist and craft sector in Monaghan and you are committed to promoting innovation of product or service within their organisation.
  • If you are a registered trading business
  • You are a Tourism Craft product business
  • You provide Tourism service
  • If there is potential for innovation development within the company
  • If you have potential for job creation in the tourism sector
  • If you have export opportunities that would benefit from new innovative products or service with a competitive edge.



Cost for each participating business is €100, payable in two €50 instalments, inclusive of all support and training.

How do I Apply?

Following a competitive selection process, participants who meet the eligibility criteria outlined and demonstrated that their business has the potential to grow and increase their competitiveness in the tourist sector will be offered a place on the programme.

Download application form