AF Business Recognition Programme Training

MTEK 1 Boardroom, Monaghan
Tuesday 16th July 2024
Business Training

Are you interested in joining the Age Friendly Programme in Monaghan ? Looking after older customers isn't just about good business sense, it is both common sense and an increasing necessity. That is why you may consider becoming part of the Age Friendly Business Recognition Programme. Your business will receive Age Friendly accreditation which will attract new customers

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Monaghan Age Friendly Business Recognition Programme Training

Your business will receive Age Friendly accreditation which will attract new customers

Presenter: Barry Eaton (Monaghan Age Friendly Programme Manager)

Tuesday July 16th, 2024 10am-1pm


  1. Introduction to Age Friendly Ireland/Business Recognition Programme
  1. Why Your Business Should Be Age Friendly?
  1. Benefit To Your Business
  1. Age Friendly Business Advice & Tips
  1. Becoming An Age Friendly Business – The 4 Simple Steps
  1. Sustaining The Business Recognition Programme

Why should a business have an Age Friendly Approach?

  • Older people own 75% of the wealth in the EU and account for 50% of consumer spending
  • Older customers (65+) in Ireland have a revenue-declared annual income of over €6.5 billion
  • Older consumers will double in number in the next 30 years, and those over 80 will quadruple
  • Older customers not only spend locally and have a lot of purchasing power, but also have the time to shop 50% of all toys are bought by grandparents
  • Over 50’s take on average almost three trips a year in Ireland, staying three nights away

Getting involved is a 4 Stage Process!

  1. Identify a member of staff to act as a champion for age friendliness and older customers!
  2. The champion participates in our Age Friendly Business Workshop and starts to develop ideas.
  3. Ask your older customers what they like and what could be improved?
  4. Develop actions and get recognised as an Age Friendly Business!