E Tendering Workshop

MTEK 1 Boardroom
Tuesday 18th June 2024

Participants will learn about national Public Procurement procedures. An overview of Public Procurement, rules and procedures, practical advice on using ETenders and submitting an effective tender.

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E-Tendering Workshop


1. An overview of Public Procurement with step-by-step guidance, explaining Procurement in plain terms.

2. Public Procurement Rules & Procedures

3. Practical on ETenders– elements of registering, creating a profile

4. Submitting an Effective Tender (attention to detail)

5. Tender Scoring and Evaluation

6. Creating a Tender Library

Participants will be provided with handouts related to each part of the training. A handout will be provided on: 

  • The Public Procurement market in Ireland. 
  • Public Procurement Rules and Procedures with key factors highlighted and detailed. 
  • Using eTenders – registering with eTenders, creating a profile and selecting, setting up alerts & submitting tenders.
  • Examples of structured Tender Documents. 
  • An example of a structured Tender Response.

Participants will learn about national Public Procurement procedures.

By the end of the workshop participants will understand what is required in order to:

  • Fulfil the criteria for tendering
  • How to read and decipher tender requirements
  • How to submit an effective tender