Food Business Management Development Programme

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Management Development

Take your Food Manufacturing Business to the next level with this management development course.


Programme Outline

 8 X ½ Day training programme modules to provide existing food companies with the improved business management skills set to bring their business to the next level and potentially into new markets & 6 Hours of 1-2-1 Mentoring for your company.


Course Introduction:

This proposed ‘Advanced Food’ management development programme has been designed to help existing Food Manufacturing businesses, to improve upon their food business management expertise, and brand marketing activities, in order to fully identify and exploit new sales opportunities for their food business at home and potentially abroad. This is achieved through a combination of 8 online food business workshop / networking course modules and 6 hours of one-to-one business mentoring support from Conor Hyde of Bullseye the Food Marketing Hub.

Over his thirty-year career since graduating Conor has dedicated his career to helped hundreds of food and drink companies across Ireland to grow and prosper. Conor has helped to launch over 300 new food and drink brands and has worked directly as a business consultant and mentor with over 500 food and drink companies. Conor also founded as a food network for food and drink producers in Cork City & county in 2012.

Conor has over thirty years Marketing experience having initially held senior Marketing manager positions with Golden Vale, Kerry, & Dairygold Co-op and successfully managed 5 of Irelands Top 100 grocery brands such as: Dairygold, Mitchelstown, Cheestrings, Easisingles, Galtee, Calvita, Golden Olive, Golden Pastures, Country Pride , Ballyclough, Easigold, Churn, Charleville. Conor currently runs his own Irish Whiskey business, HYDE Irish Whiskey.

With experience of having worked with over 500 food business clients across Ireland, Bullseye is clearly positioned at the centre of the Irish food sector, allowing them to have their finger on the pulse of the daily challenges that currently face food producers on a local, regional and national level.

The programme provides food companies with a platform to develop their food business management skills and brand marketing skills in a practical, self-learning, cost effective manner, in the company of their peers and food industry experts.


Course Objectives:

  • Develop and maximise each participant’s core business skills to build sustainable capability and capacity.
  • Raise the business ambitions of programme participants, identify strategy, goals, and clear objectives.
  • Increase the internal innovation and NPD capabilities within each participant food company.
  • Support the development and execution of improved Branding and marketing.
  • Assist with improving each participant companies’ product labelling and packaging design.
  • Enhance internal financial management and cost control capabilities. Implement better cost control, cash flow management, cost reduction, and waste management systems.
  • Educate the participants on costing systems and techniques that can be implemented in their food business to save time, effort, and money.
  • Educate companies on the importance of general business management skills including organisation, time management and negotiation skills.
  • Enhance people management skills of the owner manager to improve on recruitment, performance appraisal, supervision, delegation and employee management in line with employment legislation.
  • Educate participants on the importance of sales and distribution for long term business success.
  • Introduce participants to a road map on how to potentially achieve market diversification by exporting for the first time.


Course Content:-


Module 1: Market Research , Tuesday 29th June

  • Market Research – How to do it and where to get free market information
  • Target Market - Identification of and understand of who is your target consumer - Who?
  • Gap Analysis - Competitor GAP Analysis - Where exactly is the market opportunity?
  • Case Study – Working examples of a completed food market GAP analysis projects
  • Food Trends – Current food trends across the globe – Implications for your food business?
  • Consumer Trends – What is currently driving consumer trends and demands?
  • Irish Retail Trends – Irish retail market overview & retail sector trends
  • Irish Foodservice Trends - Irish foodservice market overview & sector trends

Module 2 : Marketing / Strategy / Unique Selling Points, Tuesday 13th July

  • Branding / Marketing - Marketing & Branding explained
  • USP’s - Identifying strong Unique Selling Points ( Rational & Emotional )
  • Business Strategy – Where do you want to compete?
  • Brand Positioning – How you want your brand to be perceived?
  • Goals & Objectives – What do you want to achieve?
  • S.W.O.T. Analysis - What needs improvement – Business? You?
  • Mission - What do you stand for? What is your business mantra?

Module 3: New Product Development / Innovation , Tuesday 7th Sept

  • Stage Gate NPD Innovation process / GANTT chart NPD project planning
  • Idea Generation – Sources of new product ideas
  • Filtering - Reading and interpreting market information into winning new product ideas
  • Technical Help – Sources of innovation support, grant aid, and technical assistance
  • Legal Labels – Food Safety Law requirements : EU / FIR / FSAI
  • Nutritional Claims – What you can and cannot say on your packaging
  • Ingredients - Allergy declarations – Sourcing food ingredients

Module 4: Effective Brand & Packaging Design , Tuesday 21st Sept

  •  Design Briefing - Creating a good brand design brief
  • Designers - Choosing and working with a professional graphic Designer
  • Logo – Picking a name - Developing a strong brand identity logo
  • Good Design – What does Effective Food Packaging Design look like.
  • Design Process - The key steps in developing your brand based on systematic milestones
  • Jargon – A glossary of branding and design terms used by the trade
  • Printing – Tips on working with printers to ensure you get what you designed.
  • Trade Mark – How to protect your brand legally as a registered trade mark.
  • Food Packaging - Options available – How to improve
  • Suppliers - Sources for food packaging around the world
  • Packaging – Sourcing food packaging on a budget
  • Equipment - Sourcing food processing equipment

Module 5: Distribution / Sales / Negotiation , Tuesday 5th Oct

  •  Distribution - Options for route to market – How to find them
  • Costing - Costing Distribution / Trade margin expectations & commercials
  • Negotiation Kills – How to negotiate better for new listings and sales
  • Time Management – How to manage your most valuable resource
  • Sales – How to win sales & influence buyers


Module 6 : First Steps To Export / Market Diversification , Tuesday 19TH Oct

  • Creating Your Export Plan - How to prepare an export plan for the first time
  • Top 10 Tips - Exporting for the beginner – Getting ready to export
  • Export Sales - Sales prospecting. How to find importers and distributors abroad.
  • Presentation – How to present your brand to importers and distributors.


Module 7 : Pricing / Cost Control / Margin Calculation , Tuesday 2nd Nov

  •  Costing Your Product  Inside the factory gate – Costs / Contribution / Margin?
  • Financial Control - cash flow management, cost reduction, waste management
  • Positioning - Price Positioning Strategy – How to control your price point on shelf
  • Pricing - Establishing your optimum price point
  • Margin - Distributor & Retailer margin calculations – Who gets what
  • Hr – People Management Skills
  • Recruitment Toolkit – Where To Find Great Employees
  • Appraisal - Performance appraisal process and techniques
  • Supervision – How to ensure employee performance
  • Performance Review – How to do performance appraisal
  • Delegation – How to delegate effectively to maximise results
  • Employment Legislation – Contracts of employment / Due process / Legal


Module 8: Brand Marketing & Communication Tactics , Tuesday 16th Nov

 • Marketing Plan – How to prepare your annual plan of action for your food brand

• Marketing Tactics - Marketing Tactics that work on a shoestring budget

• Promotion – How to promote your brand / tried and tested techniques

• Digital - How to grow your brand using modern digital marketing techniques

• PR –How to do Public Relations (including case study examples)

• Tools – Design items you will need: Sales Brochure / Sell Sheet / Point Of Sale…etc

Course Delivery Timeframe:
 29th June to November 2021 – dates outlined above