Using AI for Content Creation and SEO

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Thursday 15th Feb 2024

AI is the greatest technological advancement since the creation of the internet and is already having a massive impact on how we do business. This workshop is designed to equip SMEs with the knowledge and tools to leverage AI in content creation and search engine optimisation. Participants will learn how AI can automate and enhance the content development process, improve SEO strategies, and ultimately drive more organic traffic to their website. Discover the potential of AI to revolutionise content and SEO but and use AI tools and techniques to enhance their online visibility and audience engagement.

This event is no longer available

This workshop will cover:

  • How to plan and execute your AI. Strategy.
  • Introduction to AI technologies in content generation and SEO.
  • Exploring AI tools for keyword research and content planning.
  • Strategies for using AI to create compelling blog posts, articles and web content.
  • Utilising AI for content personalisation to improve user engagement.
  • Techniques for using AI to track and adapt to changing SEO algorithms.
  • Discussion on the ethical use of AI in content creation, including transparency and avoiding plagiarism.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Get an introduction to many of the most popular and impressive AI including Chat GPT.
  • Gain a foundational understanding of AI's role in content creation and SEO.
  • Develop the ability to conduct AI-assisted keyword and content research for targeted strategies.
  • Acquire the skills to create diverse and engaging content quickly with AI tools.
  • Understand how to personalise and adapt content for different audience segments with AI.
  • Explore advanced AI techniques for staying ahead of SEO trends and algorithm changes.
  • Apply AI insights to maintain a dynamic and effective content strategy.
  • Understand the importance of maintaining ethical standards when using AI for content creation.