Primary School Challenge 2016

Primary School Challenge 2016

23 Primary schools with 857 students took part in Enterprise Awareness workshops facilitated by Lena Shaw and sponsored by Local Enterprise Office Louth. Our aim is to show the students that the very things they learn at school every day and their inherent abilities can make them a successful businessperson.


Making Primary School students aware of Enterprise puts them on the road to becoming the entrepreneurs and micro company owners of tomorrow. Students will realise they can run their own company, know they inherently are creative and innovative and realise the importance of teamwork and the need to complete tasks within a specific time. Each school was asked to write a slogan: To Encourage Entrepreneurs In County Louth. Lena Shaw judged the slogans based on a matrix, namely key benefits to the county, location, positivity, trendiness and uniqueness. 


Congratulations to Charlotte Barry Mullaghbuoy N.S Riverstown, with winning slogan and logo 'Is your Goal success? Louth Local Enterprise is the Best!'

“In my logo I have a money tree with children climbing the tree and the Louth map. The Tree represents the growth of businesses in Louth and the children represent how most of our ideas come when you are a child”

The school was awarded a craft piece commissioned by Joe Lawlor, Drogheda.

Congratulations also to Sile Holland Realt Na Mara School who won the teacher's prize of travel vouchers