How TruckScience used the Trading Online Voucher to grow business

How TruckScience, a small business in Mayo has used the Trading  Online  Voucher  Scheme to grow their business

Sorcha  O’Grady  is  co-founder  and  Director  of  Sales  and Marketing  at  TruckScience,  a  small  business  located  in Westport,  Co.  Mayo  that  builds  intelligent  software  for people who sell, build and use trucks.

Truckscience,  which  currently  employs  5  people,  is  an  Enterprise  Ireland High  Potential  Startup,  and  recently  came  2nd  in  Google’s  Adopt  A  Startup program.  Sorcha  applied  for  the  Trading  Online  Voucher  Scheme  through  her  Local Enterprise Office in Mayo to upgrade the Truckscience website, implement an online sales process and handle sales through an e-commerce capability.  

The  objective  was  to  attract  customers  to  the  website  using  Search  Engine Optimisation and Online Advertising.  Since its launch in February 2016, the new website has generated 5 times the number of leads compared to the old site. Truckscience continues to develop its  online  platform,  currently  adding  a  new  line  of  business  to  the  website.    Sorcha  says  this  has  been  made  possible  by  their  enhanced  website.  They  
are  also  developing  their  ecommerce  capability  and  integrating  that  with subscription management software.  

Sorcha is optimistic for the future of Truckscience, and expects the trend in increased website visitors and increased sales to continue.