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Buymedia was founded in September 2015 with the simple aim of helping businesses get the best advertising options for their specific needs. The founder, Fergal O’Connor has over 25 years of experience in the advertising and media business. He set up Buymedia when he realised that the majority of small and medium enterprises were struggling with advertising planning, purchasing, managing and monitoring. It was very evident that businesses needed help and Buymedia was born to help businesses get a better return on their advertising.

Buymedia is competing in the National Enterprise Awards this year and took some time out to talk about the company and his future plans for growth.

Fergal, what exactly does Buymedia do?

Success in business is measured in small percentages and if businesses can identify several areas where they can make small improvements it will have a huge effect on their overall bottom line. Buymedia focuses on making small improvements in each of the 18 steps in the advertising, planning and implementation process.
The technology that Buymedia has built uses Artificial Intelligence, Market Intelligence, Automation and Predictive Analytics to give the best recommendations for individual business needs based on their advertising requirements. Buymedia has evolved the advertising process to make it easier for businesses to manage their advertising campaigns across all media – traditional and digital.

What was the defining moment for Buymedia in the initial start-up stage?

In the start up eco-system, there are numerous businesses who can spend years in a phase called pre-revenue i.e they are not generating any revenue. I have always believed that success of a business is defined by it’s ability to have clients that are willing to pay for your product or service. In my opinion our defining moment was when we were able to show clients that we could add enough value to their business that they are willing to pay for it.

What’s next on the business agenda for your company?

We have recently taken over a number of high profile clients on both the advertising and media side. Our aim for 2018 is to help 40 to 50 businesses manage an advertising budget of between €50-€100K per annum and get them a better return on their advertising budget. We are looking beyond Ireland also with client interest in the UK, Australia, US and South America.

Fergal, have you found Mayo a supportive environment in which to grow your business?

I would recommend any person considering starting a business or even at business idea stage to make their local LEO office their first call. I can honestly say that without the support of LEO Mayo, we would have struggled to get the business start and would have found it impossible to progress at the pace we did.

Lastly, Fergal, do you have any advice for somebody considering starting up a business?

  • Surround yourself with a support network of advisors. The entrepreneurs journey can be lonely and you’ll need support.
  • Try to get into business accelerator programmes as it will help progress your business and make relevant business contacts.
  • Sell, sell, sell! – it is never too early to engage with clients. Even if you have nothing to sell, these early conversations with potential clients can lay the foundation of future client relationships.