PEL | Manufacturer of Waste Reduction Equipment | Ireland


Tommy Griffith is founder and CEO of PEL, a Mayo-based leading manufacturer of waste reduction equipment, including a range of bottle crushers, bin compactors and balers for cardboard and plastics. Designed for use in the hospitality, education, retail and healthcare industries, leading brands using PEL products include Radisson Hotels, Hilton Hotels, McDonalds, Supermacs and Supervalu.

A mechanical engineer by profession, Tommy always wanted to set up his own business. Seeing a gap in the market, he set up PEL Waste Reduction Equipment to create a product for reducing bottle volume while still ensuring the bottle material was recyclable.

Mayo Success Story

Tommy recently spoke of the growth of PEL “Now it is really taking off. The brand and name are out there now. The products are great, but we had to create awareness of them. Hoteliers didn’t know that our product was available and out there. It is great to be recognised as a brand from an Irish, UK and European point of view. For example, we now contract with Radisson Hotels to supply waste equipment in all of their hotels and they have just renewed their 3 year contract.”

PEL have been a client of Mayo CEB for almost 10 years and have received a series of supports for capital investment, marketing and mentoring support and assistance with attendance at international Trade Fairs. PEL have also been helped to develop relationships with US-based businesses which are now starting to pay dividends. Tommy says his experience over the years with Mayo County Enterprise Board has been really positive. “Starting out it is a daunting experience as its unknown. Mayo Local Enterprise Office has seen start-up businesses. They give advice and direction on how to start up and tell you how it is (black and white). The links that LEO have and the doors they can open for a local start-up business are really valuable.”

A focus on in-house research and development, manufacturing and the application of engineering technology advancements remain a core part of PEL’s global success. It has enabled PEL to be at the cutting edge of product innovation, exporting to every continent while retaining jobs locally, a factor Tommy Griffith believes is vital to the company’s future.

Tommy shared how working with Mayo LEO has been key to his business growth in more recent times too, through contacts made when he met a trade delegation from Cleveland, Ohio visiting Mayo in October 2013. He has subsequently set up an office in the Cleveland area and is confident that the American market will double PEL’s business with the sheer scale of the market it opens up.

The most valuable piece of advice Tommy received in his 10 years in business was that “There is no such thing as a problem, everything is solvable. Keep positive and follow your own instinct.” He outlined that surprises are around every corner. “The world is such a small place and it really is your oyster. From being a small Irish business, you can make it anywhere.” Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but Tommy Griffith believes the lessons learned in building and growing his own business have been invaluable. “You learn from your mistakes. You can’t buy experience. When I start up the next business it will be easier as I have the knowledge and experience.”

PEL delivers a comprehensive waste management solution for businesses, manufacturing bottle crushers, bin compactors and balers. Based in Balla, Co. Mayo, PEL has been in business for 10 years. Their products are distributed throughout Ireland, the UK, Europe, Asia, Australia, Canada & the USA.