Prepare Your Business for Customs Jan2020

Breaffy House Resort, Castlebar
9.30am -4.00pm

Aims to enable companies to understand both Revenue rules in Ireland and HMRC rules in the UK.

This event is no longer available

How Brexit will Impact on Customs and Trade

Irrespective of the sector a business is operating in, it will experience some form of impact from Brexit.  Some of the issues faced from a Customs and Trade perspective are: 

  • Customs Duty
  • Import VAT
  • Border Delays
  • Additional Costs e.g. Clearance Agents, etc.
  • Additional Documentation e.g. Import and Export Documentation, etc.
  • New Procedures e.g. How and when to lodge import and export SADs, etc.
  • New Licenses

Different issues will impact on each sector in a slightly different way. For example, the food industry will be conscious of how customs duty and border delays might impact on their product, the construction industry will be acutely aware of the knock on impact of border delays on their deadlines, the textiles will be impacted by high duty rates and IT companies may have to consider Export Controls.

Ultimately Importers and Exporters will need to know how to move their goods through Customs in Ireland and the UK post Brexit.

This workshop will enable companies to understand both Revenue rules in Ireland and HMRC rules in the UK.

The post Brexit simplifications being introduced by both Authorities and how to apply for these will also be covered as well as the operational requirements necessary to move goods through Customs.

The workshop will be delivered by customs experts from BDO Ireland.

Please refer to attached document for full outline of Workshop

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