Meath Hubs


County Meath has sustained rapid population growth over the last 20 years. This rapid growth has not been matched by the growth of sustainable employment within the county. Over the last three years there has been a transformation in work practices enabling some of those who commute daily from their homes to work at or closer to home.

Over 20% of commuters spend more than one hour each way commuting to work. Meath County Council is working with community organisations and businesses to provide options for workers who could work remotely but don’t have the home facilities or environment to facilitate it.

Meath County Council is working with to provide a simple easy booking system to access co-working spaces across the county. The Council is also working with Grow Remote to promote the remote working opportunities for the highly skilled work force who want to change jobs to improve their quality of life.


Cormeen Hub

iDesk Cormeen

Gibbstown Hub

Gibbstown DigiTech

Flat Out Hub

Flat Out Co-Working + Coffee Trim

Athboy Hub

Athboy Digital Hub

                            Deerpark Hub

Deerpark Community Hub

Kells Hub

Kilskyre Community Activity Centre

Dunshaughlin Hub

Meath Enterprise - Dunshaughlin Hub



Grow Remote is award winning social enterprise who make remote employment local. In 2018, they launched a kit for building local communities of remote workers. By 2020, there were 130+ local community leaders building local communities.

Grow Remote know that the future of work is already here, it’s just not evenly distributed yet - together, we can change how employment spreads, help our local communities to thrive, and solve for the #1 challenge of remote workers - isolation.

Grow Remote provides resources for remote workers, the opportunity to network and develop communities with other remote workers and supports for employers to facilitate remote working.

Their success with employers has led to the creation of the Grow Remote Jobs Board featuring hundreds of jobs that you can do from home or from a co-working hub.  Find your new role here.