Completing your Annual Tax Return on ROS (Focus on Form 11)

Thursday 11th April
10.00 am - 1.00 pm
Business Training

A short interactive course to help attendees understand their tax obligations, how to remain compliant under the Self-Assessment system, how to use ROS.

This event is no longer available


This workshop will give attendees the tools to enable small business owners file an income tax return. 

Understand what forms need to be completed, key dates, what information is required, what records are need to be kept

Using Revenue On-line System(ROS) and Return Preparation Facility

  • Review of how tax is calculated – using case study and exercises
  • Explanation of tax returns – Form 11, 46G and CT1
  • Tax dates- preliminary tax, tax returns – Form 11 introduced
  • Completing Form 11 – Manual Sample/Case Study demonstrating same used initially
  • Form 11 completion – Exercise
  • Explanation and walk through of ROS system
  • Submitting returns online
  • Making payments online
  • Viewing details of payments made, returns made online
  • Managing tax submissions and tax payments online
  • Using ROS apps to assist you with preparing returns and calculating your tax bill