Costing & Pricing your Product or Service

Online Remotely via Zoom
Wednesday 2nd February 2022
10am - 1.00pm
Business Training

Are you charging enough? Is your product price too low? Are you selling your services too cheaply or too dearly? How do you know that you are setting the right price? This workshop will teach you all this & more

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Setting your price. Do you know how to do it correctly?  This workshop should help you to design & develop a unit costing system for the product or services you are offering to your customer


Attending this course, attendees should be able to do the following: 

  • Price product or services
  • Review costing procedures and breakeven point
  • Absorb overheads into the product/service cost
  • Assess current costing & pricing procedures and prepare to make changes where necessary
  • Try out different methods of costing & pricing strategies

Course Content:

  • Cost Management
  • Different types of costs
  • Calculating your product/ service cost
  • Time management  & costs
  • Pricing for Profit
  • Factors to consider when setting prices
  • Action plan & checklist

**  This course will be delivered via Zoom. Details about how to log in will be emailed to you following registration.

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