Creating a Digital Marketing Strategy for Your Business

Online - Remotely via Zoom
Wednesday 5th October
9.30 am - 1.00 pm
Business Training

Learn the steps involved with creating a digital marketing strategy for your business. From initial research to measuring and managing the results. Setting your digital marketing objectives in line with your budget, developing your plan, know how to build your audience, implementing the plan and measuring the results.

This event is no longer available


This 3-hr workshop is designed for anyone who wants to understand how to use digital marketing for their business. It will provide participants with the necessary knowledge, skills and tools to start using digital marketing channels and content to build their online brand and attract customers.

This workshop will cover:
• An introduction to digital marketing
• What elements make up Digital Marketing
• How to select the right digital channels, tactics and content
• What are customer personas and how to use them?
• What is a digital content calendar and how do you use one?
• How to create a digital marketing strategy
• How to measure your digital marketing efforts.

 Learning Outcomes:
• Understand the differences between traditional and digital marketing channels
• Segment your audience and create customer/buyer personas
• Pick the right digital channels, tactics and content for your business
• Plan your digital marketing in advance using a content calendar
• Create a digital marketing strategy for your business and measure ROI