North Cork - Google Tools for Online Businesses

The Living Health Clinic, Mitchelstown
Tuesday 7th March 2017
9.30am -1.00pm
Enterprise Week

Explore Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Google Places & Search Console.

This event is no longer available

Google Tools For Online Businesses

Explore Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Google Places & Search Console. Take advantage of these resources to better engage and retain your customers; and gain new customers. Understand how to use online these online tools efficiently manage your online presence.



  • Most servers have a default level of data capture and data collection that is automatic. This means that every time a visitor comes to that web server, the web server captures some data about that visitor. This data goes beyond just counting who visited the site. It contains information such as; when different people visit your site, what sites led them to your site, what browsers they were using, and their operating systems. Analytics provides statistics that can help you make decisions about improving your website.


  • How to set up an account and use the adwords interface
  • How to set up a simple ad campaign
  • How to choose keywords
  • How to write effective ad text
  • How to target your ads geographically and by device
  • The importance of the right landing page
  • How to keep control of your advertising budget
  • Outcomes -Following this session you will
  • Have a very clear understanding of how to set up a Google ad campaign
  • Understand how to target and manage your campaign


  • Google allows you to register your business for free and when people type in a location as part of the search Google displays a summary of this listing if it’s relevant. So for example, if I am running an architects office in Cork and register this business using Google Places and then someone searches for ‘Architect in Cork’ then Google may display my places entry. The big advantage of this free listing is Google gives this high priority and it will typically be displayed before any other search results.

Using GOOGLE SEARCH CONSOLE (previously know as webmaster tools)

  • Help robots to search your site

  • Why use Search Console?


  • Trainer: Alan O'Meara, Almedia