Revisioning your business for a different economy

Webinar - online
Monday 29th June 2020
Business Training

Project ACT - Summer series of webinars supporting the re-opening of our towns and businesses.

This event is no longer available

Project ACT - Summer Series of Webinars supporting the Reopening of our Towns and Businesses  

Revisioning your Business for a Different Economy

When an existing business enters a different economy some of your offerings may need to be adjusted to suit with the market. This webinar will be delivered by Talent Pool. 

During this short webinar, you will learn:

  • How to assess how your business matches with an altered economy. 
  • You will learn how to identify new market gaps
  • How to create a new vision for your business for that new economy.  

Please note: 

  • We recommend you to only register for this webinar, if you are sure of your availability, and please contact us to cancel if you are unable to attend, as these webinars are in high demand.
  • Please note that on making a booking, you are agreeing that your email and telephone number will be shared with the trainer for the purpose of this webinar only.