Brexit Information

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Brexit – nine areas of potential impact for your business.

  • UK market dynamics – possible market contraction; buy British campaigns
  • Currency – impact on profits; delayed decision making due to uncertainty See Currency Risk Management Booklet
  • Customers – impact on customers leading to challenges and opportunities
  • Competition – expect new and increased competition
  • Sourcing – impact on cost, certainty and quality; dependence on UK distributors
  • Transport and logistics – established transport routes may no longer be optimal
  • Regulations and standards – may change for exporting to and importing from UK 
  • Customs, tariffs and taxation – may see an increase in administration, cost and time See Customs Insight Course and the IntertradeIreland Start To Plan Voucher Scheme
  • Movement of people – possible restrictions

    The Brexit Readiness Checker is a starting point to help businesses to begin preparing a strategy and ready their teams in terms of planning and shining a spotlight on some of the key operational areas that may be exposed. 

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