How do Local Enterprise Offices help businesses financially?

Local Enterprise Offices (LEOs) can help to establish and develop new and existing enterprises provided that the enterprise is capable of becoming commercially viable. There are also other criteria to be met and these are listed below.

The enterprise must;

  • not employ more than 10 people
  • be established, registered and operate within the area of the Local Enterprise Office
  • operate in the commercial field
  • show there is a market for the product or service
  • have the potential for job creation without affecting existing local businesses

Within the above criteria, there are certain priorities and restrictions.

For example, priority will be given to: 

  • Only enterprises in the manufacturing or internationally traded services sector which, over time, can develop into strong export entities and graduate to Enterprise Ireland
  • Unique tourism enterprises that target generating revenue from overseas visitors; these tourism services should not displace business from other existing players in the market or give rise to deadweight (where projects would have proceeded anyway). Such tourism services may be offered salary supports. 

With regard to restrictions, retail enterprises, personal services, professional services or construction and local building services are not eligible for grant aid.

Financial Instruments brochure.pdf (size 1.8 MB)

For further information please contact the Local Enterprise Office on 071-9650420.