Sealore Marine Botanicals


Entrepreneur: Dolores and Nadine Burns

Location: Tullaghan, County Leitrim

Established: 2014

Famous For: Skincare Products

Supports received from Leitrim LEO: Trading Online Voucher, Sales, Marketing & Finance Workshops / Training courses, Mentoring

  • About Sealore Marine Botanicals

Professionally formulated by their Clinical Aromatherapist, Dolores and her daughter Nadine Burns produce a range of certified organic skin products in Tullaghan, Co. Leitrim. Dolores’s journey into skin care began when she started combining her pharmacognosy, aromatherapy and cosmetology expertise with her grandmother’s teachings. Originally from Cavan, as a child Dolores’ grandmother taught her how to find nutrient-rich seaweed and algae along the shores of Donegal Bay and how to extract their natural goodness. Dolores had a holiday home in Tullaghan for many years and knew that it was where she wanted to base her enterprise which is inspired by her interest in holistic health and her belief in natural products. A range of seaweeds are hand-picked locally and dried at their picturesque base, Tynte Lodge, an imposing Georgian house built in the 1750’s which is perched on the edge of the Atlantic in Tullaghan.  

A lifelong interest in pharmacognosy led Dolores to initially study herbal medicine. Dolores who is also a clinical aromatherapist, an occupational therapist and a certified natural perfumer, has first-hand knowledge of the health benefits of seaweed. Nadine, a behaviour analyst, spent five years living in Japan where seaweed is revered as a precious natural resource. Dolores and Nadine combined their passions to set up Sealore Marine Botanicals.   

  • Key success factors:

Sealore Marine Botanicals contribute much of their success to the quality of their products. Producing 13 different certified organic products each one comprises a combination of marine botanicals together with over 120 natural ingredients. The effectiveness of herbal extracts in skincare preparations has been recognised for centuries and several herbal extracts with proven efficacy are used in the Sealore range. Extracts of Arnica, Calendula, and Oat, for example are present in their Silk Botanical Cleansing Oil and SeaSatin Luxury Balm. St. John’s Wort extract is present in the body serums, including SeaRenu and SeaIndulge. Bakuchiol a gentle alternative to retinol, nicknamed the ‘Herbal Botox’, alongside Comfrey, Elderberry and Milk Thistle have been included in the formulation of SeaBlue Botanical Cream.

  • Sustainable Growth: 

As Dolores’ business partner, daughter Nadine, is guiding Sealore into the world, her focus is on ensuring that every ingredient used in their products is ethically sourced. From supporting a women’s sustainable Shea Butter cooperative in Ghana to eschewing palm oil, Nadine weaves Sealore’s ethos of caring for the natural world into every detail, down to the recycled glass and paper packaging. A priority for the mother and daughter team is maintaining the long-term sustainability of their local marine botanicals, by harvesting their own seaweed with care, and protecting their tiny bay and its gifts for future generations. The company mantra is that beauty comes from within and Dolores says she owes much to the wisdom of the women who came before her and to the nutrients within the marine botanicals found in abundance in the small bay outside her window.

  • Where you can purchase your product / service:

Sealore certified organic products can be purchased on their website - With a diverse range including cleansers, toners, exfoliating masks, serums, moisturizer, facial oil and body serums, Sealore have a product that will gently cleanse, nourish and protect your skin leaving it glowing with health and vitality.

  • Support from the Local Enterprise Office

The Burns family say they have got invaluable help from the Local Enterprise Office when developing their business. As well as getting support to build their online presence through the Trading Online Voucher scheme, Nadine has done a Financial Course through the Local Enterprise Office. “We regard the LEO as our anchor,” said Nadine. “We can pick up the phone and talk to their experts any time. Their support has been invaluable and without their expertise and practical help we wouldn't have been able to get the brand this far”.

  • Why Nadine believes it is important to #LookForLocal

“Apart from the economic and environmental reasons to support local businesses, #LookForLocal supports people to connect with their community and learn about the wonderful resources and industry in their area. We believe that when you #LookForLocal you are supporting businesses that share the same values as you do. As a small business, we love being able to offer personalised service to our customers. When you #LookForLocal, we all flourish together.”

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