A Layman’s Guide To Income Taxes - 25th of Sept 2023

9.30am to 1.00pm
Business Training

This session will provide participants with a clear understanding of their responsibilities as a self-employed person

This event is no longer available

This online workshops will be delivered by Sarah McGuinness from SM Accounting Solutions.

Date & Time:

  • Monday 25th of September | 9.30a.m. - 1.00p.m.

Aim of the Course:

The aim of this course is to help business owners understand their obligations in relation to their income taxes and Revenue deadlines within the ‘Self-Assessment System’. They will gain an understanding of how Income Taxes are calculated based on their business profits, with tips and advice on allowable business expenses and credits to ensure they pay less tax.

Course Content:

  • Who pays Income Tax?
  • On what income do we pay income taxes?
  • Business Profits / Losses
  • Allowable Business Expenses
  • Income Tax Bands and Thresholds
  • Income Tax Rates, USC, PRSI
  • Tax Credits, Reliefs and Capital Allowances
  • Preliminary Tax
  • An Income Tax Return working example
  • Important filing dates and deadlines
  • An opportunity to ask specific questions of the tutor

Training Method:

  • Clear demonstrations by the trainer using Power Point and Excel.
  • User-friendly case-study used as the training tool.
  • Interactive learning.
  • All participants will be given a full set of detailed notes at the beginning of the class.

While this course is open to everyone, if over-subscribed priority will be given to Leitrim based companies.