Marketing Review Clinic - 5th December 2023

A time slot will be allocated after your register

Unleash your marketing potential with these short one-to-one sessions which are designed to help you look at innovative ways to market your product or service using a combination of both online and offline methods.

This event is no longer available

Marketing Review Clinics

  • These marketing review clinics, which will be facilitated by Ciara Bruton, are designed to help you look at innovative ways to market your business using either online or offline methods. 
  • In advance of the session you will be requested to fill out an application form which will give the consultant some information on the type of marketing you use and some background to your business. On completion you will be required to fill out a one page evaluation 

Potential Topics That Could Be Discussed As Part Of The Clinic:

Social Media Marketing:

  • Audit of your current social media presence and get advice on how to improve it
  • How to use Facebook and Instagram effectively
  • Creating a social media content plan
  • How to schedule social media posts in advance
  • How to create professional-looking graphics for social media

Website Optimisation:

  • Audit of your current website presence and get advice on how to improve it
  • Evaluating if your website is effective in “selling” on your behalf
  • Optimising your website to convert visitors to customers

Marketing Strategy:

  • Identifying where to find your target audience and how to be more visible to them - online and offline.
  • Clarifying and communicating what you offer in a way that connects with your target audience.
  • Conducting market research to better understand your ideal client so that your marketing speaks to them.
  • Creating a short-medium term marketing plan for your business.

Marketing through your Network:

  • Becoming more visible to your target audience through collaborating and networking with people who are well connected to your target audience
  • How to get more referrals and word-of-mouth for your business through your network

Email Marketing:

  • Understanding how email marketing could benefit your business by building long-term relationships
  • How to set up and/or grow your mailing list
  • How to create email automations and sequences
  • Creating a plan for your email content

Sales Mindset:

  • Feeling at ease with selling without using “tactics”
  • Having sales conversations rooted in integrity and relationship building


  • This 1 Hour & 15 mins session will be delivered via Zoom, online or telephone. The business mentor will contact business owners prior to the meeting to organise the exact time of meeting.
  • Mentor: Ciara Bruton - Ciara is a Holistic Business Coach and Web Designer based in Athlone.

Note: This session is reserved for Leitrim based businesses only