Shift from Stress & Struggle to Clarity & Calm | Sessions Available Throughout The Year

Sessions are available throughout the year
A time and date will be allocated after you register

These one-to-one sessions will help to provide clients with the relevant knowledge, skills and strategies, so they can regain control, boost resilience, enhance performance, and optimise well-being in your professional and personal life


How Can These FREE One-To-One Mentoring Sessions Help You and Your Business:

  • Recent research found that more than 70% of SME owners report high levels of stress due to financial pressures, heavy workloads, and uncertainties about business success. Another survey shows that 92% of small business owners have faced mental health challenges in the last two years, with 40% indicating that recovery from stress and burnout may take longer than financial recuperation. Entrepreneurs often experience impostor syndrome at rates similar to or higher than traditional employees, affecting over 60% of SME owners and undermining their decision-making and growth potential.
  • These statistics help to acknowledge the often lonely, challenging journey faced by SME owners, fraught with many worries and uncertainties.
  • These one-to-one sessions are designed to help you deal with your exhaustion, overwhelm, stress, overload from juggling many roles, poor time management, imposter syndrome, zero work-life balance, low energy, crippling self-doubt etc.

Potential Topics Which Can Be Addressed:

  • Learn practical science-based skills to combat burnout, imposter syndrome, chronic stress, disengagement and procrastination at work.
  • Develop genuine confidence and start to achieve your organisational goals.
  • Learn how to park the negative ‘inner critic’ and become your best ally.
  • Learn the practical skills of Time Management, Goal Setting etc.
  • Develop a healthy work-life balance that works for you.
  • Learn how to identify and develop your strengths and resilience strategies.
  • Prioritise healthy non-negotiable self-care practises and boost your wellbeing.
  • Develop a clear understanding of a healthy mindset and learn how to cultivate yours.
  • Improve your work performance, resilience, motivation & wellbeing.
  • Sessions will be 1 hour in duration and will guided by the client and structured around their needs.

Anna Marie Brosi

  • Anna Marie is a coaching psychologist, accredited coach and wellbeing specialist.
  • By creating a safe, confidential space, I guide you in reflecting on your current situation, gaining perspective, and identifying necessary changes. Using evidence-based practices from psychology and leadership development, I expertly help you uncover and enhance your unique skills, mindset, values, optimism, and resilience. This approach creates clear pathways for your personal and professional development and success.
  • Anna Marie has an MSc in Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology (University of East London), a Higher Diploma in Education (Primary Teaching), an Advanced Diploma in Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy (ICHP (Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy) and a BSc (Hons) in Quality Assurance. She is an accredited EMCC coach at Senior Practitioner level, an accredited Team Emotional Intelligence Survey Practitioner and a Mental Health First Aider.

Anna Marie Brosi

Note: These sessions are reserved for Leitrim based businesses only.