Start Your Own Business

Online via Zoom
7.00pm to 10.00pm
Start Your Own Business

This event is no longer available

This course will be delivered by Brian Dolan from Progressive Business Development over 6 weeks starting on Tuesday, 12th October and concluding on Tuesday 16th November

Course Content:

1.  Self-Assessment

Introduce participants to Entrepreneurship and self employment. Examine motives and reasons to move into self- employment, identifying steps towards starting a business.

2.  Legal issues for startups

Demonstrate awareness of the relevant legal and tax implications of owning and operating their own business. Choosing a suitable Business Structure for the start up.

3.  Preparing a Business Plan

Devise and develop a sound business plan for a start-up company. Develop realistic and relevant personal and business goals. Competing To Funding Application standard.

4.  Marketing for the Small Business

Evaluate market size and potential, developing a specific practical marketing plan and strategy for start-up.

5.  Researching the Market

Research target Market establishing viability of the business. Primary and secondary research.

6.  Finance

Basic financial management for the small business. Determine current personal & Business financial commitments and needs. Evaluate a business idea, taking account of its inherent profitability & breakeven point. Funding supports and criteria for new businesses