The Application Process for Priming or Business Expansion Grant Assistance

We are happy to hear from anyone with a business idea, regardless of what stage they are at. We provide a free information and advisory service to new and existing entrepreneurs on all aspects of setting up and running a business. However, we recommend that you read through the guidelines for each grant to check if your project is eligible for grant aid. If, having read that, you’re still not sure whether or not you’re eligible you can email one of our advisors to arrange a meeting or phone call to discuss further. Our advisors will proceed with the application process if your business is eligible. If not, they will be able to talk you through our other services that can help you.

The Evaluation Process

On receipt of a completed application, a member of staff will meet with you to discuss the project in detail. A file is then prepared and sent for Evaluation and Approval Committee consideration.

Projects are evaluated and approved by the Evaluation & Approvals Committee, following their approval, grant conditions are posted to the promoter. The normal application process is turned around in 6-8 weeks.


In order to ensure the efficiency of the decision making process, all appeals shall be lodged within 90 days of the date of notification of the Committee's decision.