Engenuity Midlands Engineering Network

What is Engenuity?

Engenuity Midlands Engineering Network is a member led engineering cluster based in the Midlands.  The Engenuity Engineering Network was set up in 2017. Engenuity acts as an exchange forum where members can build links, share experiences and undertake joint commercial activity.

The cluster is based on the knowledge that Engineering firms thrive when they work to support each other. The cluster focuses on bringing solutions to industry challenges for engineering firms in the Midlands using peer learning and leveraging existing Government supports. Typical topics of conversation include;

  • Business development online and offline;
  • Attendance at national and international trade shows;
  • Supply chain development
  • Industry standards and certification
  • Supports and finance
  • Recruitment and team development
  • Other relevant topics proposed by members

Engenuity enables access to support by facilitating workshops, networking events, guest speakers and member presentations. By sharing knowledge of the sector and support bodies, engineering firms in the Midlands can continue to grow.

The cluster comprises of approximately 30 companies and has an ambition to grow the cluster to 40 members by 2021. Member companies are all located across counties Westmeath; Offaly; Laois and Longford and range across all engineering sectors.

Who is Engenuity for?

Engenuity is for any engineering firm in the Midlands who have an ambition to grow their business.

How is Engenuity managed?

The governance of Engenuity comprises of 3 levels;

Member companies and member engagement drive the agenda and priorities for Engenuity. Members meet fortnightly and with the outbreak of Covid 19, these meetings will be held predominantly online.

The steering committee is comprised of Member companies. This is a smaller group of key decisions makers on behalf of  member companies who meet monthly to discuss cluster priorities.

The Executive Steering Committee is made up of the steering committee and key Government support agencies including: Local Enterprise Offices Westmeath, Longford, Laois and Offaly; IDA; Enterprise Ireland; The Midlands Regional Skills Forum and The Midlands Regional Enterprise Coordinator.

Engenuity contracts a network manager who takes responsibility for actions proposed by members companies and progresses these actions.

Background to Engenuity

Engenuity was set up in 2017 by Christine Charlton and Tracey Tallon of Local Enterprise Office in Westmeath to promote market-led innovation, stakeholder collaboration, best practices and product/trade development among the Midlands Engineering Cluster. Since then the cluster has grown from strength to strength and will represent Ireland at the European Enterprise Awards in Berlin in November 2020.  The European Enterprise Promotion Awards (EEPA) reward projects from across participating countries that work to promote entrepreneurship and small business at a national, regional and local level through a variety of initiatives. 

Why become a member of Engenuity?

  • Benefits of becoming a member company include:
    1.       Access to valuable peer learning and knowledge sharing
    2.       Ability to showcase company to an extended online audience and raise awareness of products/services
    3.       Ability to access private resource section, with useful information, industry data and sector-specific knowledge
    4.       Ability to access private membership area for exchange of ideas and opportunities
    5.       Opportunities to network with industry and peers
    6.       Access to industry relevant news and events.
  • Receive one to one mentoring to assist you in progressing your business in the following areas:

a)      Business development – particular focus on sales materials and sales presentations

b)      Researching international sales opportunities

c)      Opportunities for R&D within your company

d)      Research and development of standards and certification as required by International/Multinational firms

e)      Industry standards and certification

f)      Digital marketing expertise

  • Access to and engagement with an International Business Development Consultant who will identify prospects and generate leads on behalf of Engenuity and its members companies. One industry or sector will be the core focus as agreed with Engenuity members.
  • Attendance at two International Shows as part of the Engenuity Cluster. A small contribution may be requested from member companies. Show will be identified based on Engenuity members’ core target markets.
  • Access to participate on an Internationalisation and Export Programme to assist in developing your international export strategy.
  •  Support in identifying and applying for state funding to support the following activities:
    1. Job creation
    2. Research and Development
    3. Lean manufacturing
    4. Internationalisation
    5. Digital marketing to support overseas sales campaigns
  •  Support for international show preparation. Pre-event preparation; during event meetings and post event follow-up.
  •  Access to ongoing industry-based training and development with Engenuity partner agencies.
  •  Access to ongoing supports to assist member companies to build and strengthen relationships.
  •  Be part of a strong Engineering Cluster where peer learning, trust and support are core pillars to company relationships.
  •  Access to business development opportunities nationally and internationally

 How can I join Engenuity?

For further information or to become a member of Engenuity please complete the application form on our website https://midlandsengineering.ie/

Total cost of membership is €250.

What will be required from me?

Requirements of Engenuity member companies;

1)      Engage in Training Needs Analysis

2)      Complete Member company surveys

3)      Host one members meeting

4)      Act with integrity, respect and confidentially of members companies

5)      Engagement and attendance at member meetings and networking events


Who is the Network funded by?

This Network is an initiative forming part of the Regional Enterprise Plan for the Midlands, funded under the Enterprise Ireland LEO Competitive Fund and delivered by the Westmeath, Offaly, Longford & Laois Local Enterprise Offices in association with other enterprise and innovation stakeholders.

Members also pay a small financial contribution toward expenditure.