Tendering for Training Services 2015

 Tender Specification for supply of Training Services 2015

Tenders are invited for the delivery of training programmes on behalf Local Enterprise Office Offaly (LEO Offaly).

The closing date for receipt of proposals is 4 pm Thursday, 4th December 2014.

 Tenders received after the deadline will not be accepted.

 Full details of the training programmes and specifications can be found on etenders.gov.ie Tenders shall be submitted via http://www.etenders.gov.ie/ using the following format: 

  • Name, address, telephone number, fax number and email address of tenderer.
  • Profiles of the company/trainer with details of relevant experience in the development and delivery of programmes to small and medium enterprises.
  • Details of formal accreditation for delivery of training.
  • Outline of course content for each course being tendered for
  • Tenderers shall provide a copy of the course content with the tender documents
  • Details of course accreditation if any shall be specified
  • The proposed time-frame for delivery, and tender validity period.
  • The fixed price cost of the contract in Euro, to include VAT (where applicable)
  • Names of referees for whom previous similar work has been undertaken.
  • References in respect of previous contracts may be sought from tenderers.
  • Details of the personnel to be devoted to the programme delivery
  • For each member of the delivery team list: name, organisation, role and hours assigned.
  • Attach a CV showing relevant expertise and experience of each member of the delivery team.
  • Other resources, if any, to be applied.