LEW 2024 - Digital Marketing Programme

Tues 5th, Tues 12th, Thurs 14th, Tues 19th, Thurs 21st, Tues 26th, Thurs 28th March, Tues 2nd, Thurs 4th, Tues 9th, Thurs 11th & Tues 16th April 2024
11.00am to 1.30pm
Social Media

This comprehensive programme will help businesses understand how best to use digital marketing channels to build the business Priority must be given to participants from Offaly

This event is no longer available

This training will be delivered by Keith Feighery of Digital Insights Digital Marketing Agency Ireland - Digital Insights

The course structure is focused on the needs of the SME sector from a digital marketing perspective to help businesses increase sales through leveraging digital marketing channels. 

6 Week (12 Session) Digital Marketing Course


  • • Session 1: Overview of Digital Marketing and Channels
  • Introduction & Overview of Course, Suggested Reading Lists, Understanding Digital Marketing, Core Components of Digital Marketing Programmes, The Changing Digital Landscape, Overview of Digital Marketing Tactics, Social Media, SEO, PPC, Email Marketing, Blogging etc.

  • • Session 2: Developing a Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Introduction to Digital Strategy and Planning Frameworks, Components of Digital Strategy, Aligning Digital Strategy with Business Objectives, Defining target Markets and creating digital personas, Understanding online user behaviours/preferences and how these influence your digital content plan, How to reach target audiences digitally Defining and Aligning Digital and Marketing KPIs
  • • Session 3: Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Keyword Research, Leveraging the Google Adwords Interface, Optimised Ad Design, PPC Analytics, Match Types, Case Studies, Optimising Google Adwords Account
  • • Session 4: Display Advertising, Remarketing & Affiliates
  • Overview of Display Ads, Display Ad Units and Formats, Display Advertising Process Measuring Display Ad Performance, Planning & Targeting a Campaign, Using Google Display Network, Understanding how affiliate marketing works, Using Affiliate Networks, Measuring Affiliate Marketing
  • • Session 5: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Mapping SEO strategies with content strategies, Researching and Defining Keywords, Content Optimisation to drive SEO rankings, Overview of SEO Tools, Key Search Engine Factors, Landing Page Design, SEO Case studies

  • • Session 6: Social Media 1: Social Media Strategy and Facebook
  • •Session 7: Social Media 2: Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter & LinkedIn
  • Creating a coherent Social Media Strategy Identifying your personas on Social Media Channels, Choosing and implementing Social Media Tactical Solutions for your personas, Defining social media content strategies per channel and persona, Social Media Case Studies, Hands-on look at leveraging of Social Media Platforms, Analysis and Usage of Platforms (and Advertisement Systems)  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn

  • • Session 8: Email Marketing
  • Overview of email marketing, Using third party solution ESPs, Email Marketing Best Practices, Email Marketing Analytics, Email Marketing Creation, Writing optimized email campaigns, case studies

  • • Session 9: Blogging and Rich Media Networks (Youtube & Pinterest)
  • Creating and using blogging platforms, Overview and case studies of Business Blogging Content Management Systems – Wordpress, Overview of Rich Media Channels Instagram, Pintrest, YouTube

  • • Session 10: Web & Mobile User Experience (Creating a Rich User Experience)
  • Web design and development process, Mobile Options – responsive design Mobile Apps, Mobile Sites, Mobile Advertising, Measuring Mobile Marketing, Creating a rich user experience online

  • • Session 11: Measurement & Google Analytics
  • Creating digital marketing measurement framework, Analysing Google Analytics, Understanding how your website is performing and identifying high performing keywords, Identifying key metrics and key performance indicators, Measuring, evaluating and Improving Digital Campaigns, Creating, tracking, and analysing conversion metrics

  • • Session 12: Developing a Digital Plan
  • Creating an integrated Digital Marketing Plan, Aligning business objectives, strategy and tactical solutions, Accurately defining and targeting audiences online, Creating a diverse digital infrastructure to ensure a rich digital footprint designed to engage prospects & customers, Actualising and integrating all elements of online marketing