Product Photography for Businesses

Remote Training
Wednesday, 22 September 2021
10am to 1pm
Business Training

Companies that want to sell their products online and are looking to photograph their products in a professional manner will benefit hugely from this programme

This event is no longer available

Product Photography for Businesses

One-to-one expert advice for business looking to take professional looking photography of their product, service or premises.  This programme is strictly for business owners in County Offaly.

This online course will give participants the knowledge and confidence to use the own equipment to create professional quality imagery for use in product photography to better enhance their business offerings.

Programme Objectives: To create an awareness of the importance of good quality imagery in promoting business products To provide participants with a hands-on approach to using and understanding their current camera (digital or smart phone) to enable them to take professional photos of their products To understand lighting and its importance in creating excellent imagery To advise on post production techniques including the use of software editing tools.

Course Content: Outline the importance of good quality imagery in product promotion in both online and traditional channels  Equipment – making the best use of available equipment – getting the best out of what you have Use of equipment - importance of - Focus, Aperture, Shutter Priority, Iso, Camera setting, Manual Mode, Photo composition, Lighting Post production – Editing and Resizing an image. Image apps eg Canva, Understanding File types (RAW, jpeg, pdf, png etc)

What will the attendee need to participate?  Access to computer or other such device to participate in the Zoom / Team course  A digital camera or camera phone to get maximum benefit from the practical features covered in the course

The Trainer is Anna Allen of Anna Allen Photography.  Anna is a professional photographer with qualifications in Science and Technology.  She has a diploma in Professional Photography by The Photography Institute.

The structure of the programme is that it will be done over a 3 hour group workshop, followed by 2 one to one sessions with the trainer who will assist you setting photographs, setting products for photography etc and who will then review photos taken by you in the 2nd clinic.