Training Delivery Opportunities 2015

Local Enterprise Office (LEO) Roscommon intends to offer the following Training Programmes to micro-enterprises based in County Roscommon during 2015.


LEO Roscommon would welcome specifications and prices from interested, suitably qualified parties regarding delivery of these Training Programmes.

Prices submitted must be inclusive of all costs relating to the training initiative, with the exception of training venue costs, which will be borne by LEO Roscommon.

Any costs associated with the preparation and/or submission of specifications are to be borne by parties tendering and are in no way attributable to LEO Roscommon.

Submissions must include a current, up-to-date copy of both tax clearance certificate and professional indemnity insurance.
All submissions received and contracts awarded are dependent on demand for places on the programme, availability of funding to LEO Roscommon and priorities that LEO Roscommon sets out during 2015.

LEO Roscommon reserves the right to postpone or cancel any programme, even after award, if there is insufficient demand or subject to funding availability.

LEO Roscommon may choose to deliver all, some or none of the training programmes outlined below and may choose to offer other training programmes not featured below for delivery during 2015.

Should a training programme be run by LEO Roscommon on more than one occasion during 2015, LEO Roscommon reserves the right to select one or more training providers to deliver said programme.


Tender proposals must include the following information:

  • A profile of your business.
  • Details and qualifications of trainer(s) who would deliver the programme.
  • Relevant experience in delivering such programmes to the micro-enterprise sector, including names of other Local Enterprise Offices / agencies / organisations that you have delivered similar programmes for in the recent past.
  • The content of each programme to be delivered and methodology employed.
  • The overall cost of the programme with a full breakdown of all costs, where appropriate.
  • Participant number capacity on the programme, where appropriate.
  • Flexibility to deliver the programme, whether daytime or evening.
  • Copy of current valid tax clearance certificate and professional indemnity insurance.
Tenders will be awarded based on the most advantageous submissions, using the following criteria: 

  • Price (30 marks) 
  • Content, methodology, quality & any additionality (40 marks) 
  • Relevant experience and expertise (30 marks)
Parties may submit a tender for one or more of the listed programmes. However, a separate tender submission must be made for each programme being tendered for. Proposals should not be bound.

All tender proposals are to be submitted in SOFT & HARD COPY PLEASE.

Your soft copy is to be emailed to

Your hard copy is to be in a sealed envelope clearly marked "Training Tender 2015" and addressed to :
Ms. Anne Browne,
Local Enterprise Office,
Roscommon County Council,
Roscommon West Business Park,
Roscommon Town.

Both soft and hard copies must be received no later than 5pm on Tuesday, January 6th, 2015.

When submitting, please ensure that you quote the programme title, as outlined below.




Aimed at individuals thinking of starting a business or at the very early stage of startup.
To include :

  • Starting Your Own Business : Introduce participants to entrepreneurship and self-employment.
  • Legal Issues for Startups : Introduce participants to the legal aspects of setting up and managing a small business and outline obligations in terms of tax and revenue.
  • Preparing a Business Plan : Introduce participants to the business plan and business planning process.
  • Researching the Market : Equip participants with the skills necessary to conduct marketing research and assess the viability of their idea.
  • Marketing for the Small Business : Introduce participants to The Marketing Process, provide an introduction to marketing actions (including online) and highlight its importance for the small business.
  • Sales : Introduce participants to The Sales Process and highlight the importance of pro-active selling.
  • Finance : Give participants an understanding of the basics of financial management in the small business
  • Basic Bookkeeping : Highlight the importance of bookkeeping and provide guidance on how to set up a bookkeeping system.
Duration : 6 x 3 hour sessions.


Aimed at individuals thinking of starting a business or at the very early stage of startup who have not considered social media or who have just begun to use it.
To include : Social media platforms and tools for business that should be discussed and demonstrated include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+ and blogging.

Duration : 5 x 3 hour sessions plus one face-to-face training session per participant.


Aimed at individuals who have a business website and/or social media channels for their business, but who need assistance in optimising their online presence.

To include : The elements of a website, what influences SEO performance, optimising your website – technical aspects, optimising your website – design aspects, image editing, content creation, building traffic, web analytics and statistics.

Duration : 4 x 3 hour sessions.


Aimed at individuals who have a Facebook Page for their business, but who need to bring it to the next level.

To include : Facebook strategy, advanced Facebook posting, promoting on Facebook, using tabs, linking your online presences, using Insights, what drives reach and engagement, advanced header options.

Duration : 4 x 3 hour sessions plus one face-to-face training session per participant.

5. COMPUTERISED ACCOUNTS – Tender for the system you specialise in, whether Sage, TAS or QuickBooks.

Sage and TAS is aimed at existing users of the package in question and is a Refresher/Improvers course. Quickbooks is for those who have not yet set up their accounts on the package, or have just recently done so.

To include : Enable users to acquire the skills to use the full functionality of the software to improve business performance. Set-up & use, emailing invoices and statements, credit control, cash flow & bank reconciliation, VAT, management
reports, month/year ends.

Duration : 4 x 3 hour sessions and one face to face session.


Aimed at business owners who need to maintain improved financial records.

To include : Knowledge and skills necessary to enable participants to maintain proper financial records within their business and meet all necessary legislative and revenue requirements.

Duration : 4 x 3 hour sessions.


Aimed at individuals who have a sales role in their business and who are often face- to-face with or on the phone to prospects.

To include : The Sales Process, prospecting, presenting, negotiating and influencing, handling objections, closing, following up. This programme should include role-play sales situations.

Duration : 2 x 3 hour sessions.


Aimed at individuals with responsibility for marketing their business. This programme should give a solid foundation in The Marketing Process, along with low-cost and no-cost marketing actions.
To include : The Marketing Process, target marketing, profiling your customer, branding, The Four Ps, online (digital) and offline marketing actions, including social media. Email marketing to be included.

Duration : 5 x 3 hour sessions.


Aimed at business owners and others who find it difficult to find the time to do all they want to.

To include : Assertiveness, working in teams, prioritising, delegating, communication skills, personal responsibility, clarity - creating a clear roadmap, confidence and self-assuredness in making business decisions, committing to change, becoming efficient in your work life.
Duration : 1 x 3 hour session.


Aimed at business owners who would like to take better photographs to upload to their website and/or social media platforms, as well as for their printed materials.

To include : Understanding the camera’s main functions – shutter speed, ISO, aperture, white balance, camera software. How to upload images to a computer. How to edit files using a no-cost or low-cost solution. How to use light. Indoors, outdoors and product photography.
Duration : 2 x 3 hour sessions.