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Season 17 – Episodes Overview 


EE 321 - Dec Ryan, co-founder of Ryanair

Few companies in the world have shaped the world of travel like Ryanair. They took an entire industry and ripped up the playbook. In this episode of The Entrepreneur Experiment, Gary Fox hears the full inside story from Dec Ryan, the co-founder of Ryanair.


EE 323 - Sonya Lennon, co-founder of Lennon Courtney, co-founder of Lift Ireland and founder of WorkEqual

Sonya Lennon joins Gary Fox on this episode of the pod as she shares the riveting story of her entrepreneurial voyage, which weaves together fashion innovation and profound social impact.


EE 324 - Oisin Hanrahan, founder of Keychain

Serial founder Oisin Hanrahan joins Gary to share the story of his latest venture, Keychain. Oisin previously sold his startup Handy before becoming CEO of Angie which at one stage was worth over $5 billion.


EE 325 - Vinny Breslin, founder of UpListing

Vinny Breslin, the co-founder of Uplisting, recounts the gripping tale of how a bootstrapped idea soared to an annual recurring revenue of $3 Million and processed an astonishing $400 million for clients.

(Editor Note: Vinny mentions Local Enterprise during the chat.)


EE 326 - Bobby Healy, founder of Manna Aero

Bobby Healy, the mastermind behind Manna's skyrocketing drone delivery service, is not your average CEO; and this is not your average chat. He joins Gary to tell him how he is building the biggest drone delivery company in the world that does more drone deliveries per day than Amazon.


EE 328 - Shana Chu, founder of Tailr

Shana is the founder of Tailr, which is redefining production for the clothing industry. She joins Gary to share her story of early rejections before a eureka moment set her on the path to success.

(Editor Note: Shana is based in Waterford and I think she engaged with Local Enterprise in the region.)


EE 329 - Andrew Henderson, founder of Nomad Capitalist

Go wherever in the world you are treated best is the motto of Andrew Henderson, the founder of Nomad Capitalist. He shares the reasons why he believes Ireland is the best place in the world to live and start a business.


EE 331 - Ali Ryan, founder of

Ali Ryan, the founder of Goss Media, joins Gary Fox on today's episode. After being told "This is just a hobby" by an investor, she began a mission to build a media empire. Over the last 10 years, Ali has bootstrapped her way to the top of the online media world in Ireland.


EE 332 - Chris Kelly, founder of Tracworx

Limerick entrepreneur, Chris Kelly joins Gary Fox to share the story of starting Tracworx. Learn how Tracworx revolutionized asset tracking across industries, from healthcare patient management systems to the brewing sector's battle against asset loss.


EE 334 - Eoin Bara, founder of Tipple

Tullamore-based founder Eoin Bara joins Gary Fox to share his journey from gin maker to technology entrepreneur. Eoin is a former finalist of IBYE and client of LEO Offaly.


EE 336 - Luke Mackey, founder of Kota

Dublin-based serial entrepreneur Luke Mackey joins Gary to share the journey of raising €7.6 million to transform the world of employee benefits.


EE 337 - Sinead Crowther, founder of Soothing Solutions (Their product is called Tonstix)

Today's guest is Sinead Crowther, the founder of Soothing Solutions. This is a story of superhuman resilience and the power of logic. Her journey is a masterclass in innovation, revealing the meticulous steps from conception to execution of a product that fills a significant gap in the market.

(Editors Note: She is a LEO client both Meath and Louth, we talk a lot about LEO during the conversation and she mentions New Frontiers, Foodworks, Teagasc and lots of Government support.)


EE 338 - Dan Nugent founder of Ambr eyewear and everAmbr

Dan Nugent, an ecommerce entrepreneur with a huge story to tell joins Gary Fox for this episode of the pod.

Alongside his wife Sacha, they built their eyewear company from the kitchen table to a €100k a month business.

(Editors Note: Dan is a LEO client and has been used on Local Enterprise week campaigns and they were also National Enterprise Awards finalists)


EE 339 - John Larkin founder of The Black Stuff Soap Company

Dublin e-commerce entrepreneur John Larkin joins Gary Fox to share his story of going from zero to €3 million turnover in just 3 years. Supported by Local Enterprise Office DLR and a National Enterprise Awards Finalist