Discover Business Supports

Local Enterprise Offices provide a range of complementary supports to support people who want to start up or grow a business.  The supports range from providing an initial "First Stop Shop" service where individuals can receive advice on the steps involved in setting up a business, to the provision of grants for feasibility studies, provision of financial support for the establishment of new businesses or expansion of existing ones and the provision of a range of soft supports such as training and mentoring.

Financial supports are available to qualifying businesses only, in the establishment and/or growth phase of their business and who employ up to ten people.  Businesses operating in the domestic market (regardless of numbers employed) such as sole traders, micro businesses and small and medium sized companies may avail of the soft supports available from the Local Enterprise Office, such as First Stop Shop, Mentoring and/or Training programmes. 

The range of supports is designed to assist businesses to grow by being able to provide targeted, and appropriate, assistance at each stage of their development. These supports are outlined in more detail in the following sections: