Innovation Vouchers

The Innovation Voucher Programme was developed to build links between Ireland's publicly funded Knowledge Providers (i.e. higher education institutes, public research bodies) and small and medium-sized businesses. Innovation Vouchers worth €5,000 are available to assist a company or companies to explore a business opportunity or problem with a registered knowledge provider.

Innovation is essential if you want to stay ahead in competitive and fast-changing markets. But, you might lack the time or know-how to develop the types of innovative solutions that could set your business apart. That’s where Innovation Vouchers come in. Each Innovation Voucher gives you €5,000 worth of time with an expert, third-level researcher to help you tease out an idea, develop a new product, or crack an important business or technical challenge.

What can Innovation Vouchers be used for?

  • Innovation Vouchers can be used for any kind of innovation such as:
  • new product/process development;
  • new business model development;
  • new service delivery and customer interface;
  • new service development;
  • tailored training in innovation management;
  • innovation/technology audit.

Vouchers can be exchanged for knowledge transfer projects from the knowledge provider.

For the purposes of this initiative, a knowledge transfer project is defined as one that transfers knowledge of a scientific, technological or innovative nature that it is new to the business. The business may then use the new knowledge to innovate a product, process or service.

The Innovation Vouchers initiative is open to all small and medium-sized limited companies registered in Ireland. Please contact your Local Enterprise Office for further information.