Pamela Walsh

Wicklow Way Wines

V1 NWED Speakers 220x140_Pamela Walsh.jpgPamela Walsh is the co-founder of Wicklow Way Wines, Ireland's only winery where wines are made from the pure juices of Irish strawberries, blackberries and raspberries.

The business was founded in 2016, when Pamela and husband Brett wanted a change from the corporate world and longed to set up a sustainable food business, the pair recognised a gap in the market for an Irish wine made from the berries of local farmers and decided to set up a winery in the Wicklow hills.

The brand has grown from strength to strength over the years, gaining much support and recognition from Ireland’s top restaurateurs and wine connoisseurs. In 2019, Wicklow Way Wines commenced running small tours of the winery, and worked with Failte Ireland to develop our ‘Wine Tasting and Winery Tour’ experience where they share the winemaking process and offer tastings of their three wines paired with Irish cheeses and chocolate.

In 2020, with the on-set of Covid-19 and in response to government requests, the business diversified their product offering to make their own 70% alcohol hand sanitiser.