Tracy Gilbert Designs

Jewellery designer Tracy Gilbert, based in Donabate, Dublin, has had to adapt her business to deal with the age of COVID-19. Like most of us, she knows that many people are struggling to remain positive and upbeat, and she realised she had a unique opportunity to spread a bit of joy in these tough times and to diversify her business model.

Tracy Gilbert commented: “Because I am a small business with my studio based in Fingal, I am in the fortunate position to be able to adapt my business to people’s changed circumstances. I know that people can’t get out to shops at the moment, but they still want a bit of joy in their lives. I want to be remembered as somebody who shared a bit of cheer when the mood was low.”

In addition to free delivery, Tracy is now offering a free service to include a greeting card with a personalised message with every order.
Businesses need to think of ways to help/motivate people as well as just focussing on how to survive. The greeting card service allows people to send gifts anywhere in the world and include their own personal touch. I’ve also been dropping orders on doorsteps (within the 2km limit!) for anyone who deserves a present after a hard day of homeschooling!

Tracy was educated through Irish and was always interested in Irish & Celtic history, culture and heritage and this can be seen in many of her collections. She worked as an actuary for over a decade before following her heart and becoming a jewellery designer/maker. Despite the recent lockdown and talk of a hard recession, she is still delighted with the pivot she made all those years ago. “We all have moments where we think: “We should’ve, could’ve, would’ve” but in the here and now, I wouldn’t change anything (apart from the lockdown!). The other day I sent a gift with a belated Mothers’ Day card from a daughter in Australia to her mammy cocooned in Wexford. I could never have spread that joy in my previous role. I’ve always believed in the importance of little things and the power of random acts of kindness. I’ve never been a fan of the grand gesture - a cup of tea made the way I like it when I most need it is golden”.

Tracy has always believed that jewellery should resonate with the wearer and crafts pieces in precious metals that have meanings attached. These meanings include: eternal love, love & dedication and Irish roots. She has recently moved into creating unique bespoke pieces so that they can convey their very own message. Tracy explained: “It’s fairly simple, the customer imagines it, I craft it…

Career highlights for this Dublin-based designer so far include a thank you note from President and Mrs Obama for a pair of cufflinks and a pendant from Tracy’s ‘Growing Home’ collection. Being featured in the British Museum on two separate occasions is another personal highlight.

Tracy recently completed the “Leading your Small Business through COVID-19” course through the Fingal Local Enterprise Office and recommends this for every small business owner. Her advice is to do ones best to live by the Irish words “Dúiseacht le dúthracht ag breacadh an lae” – “Wake with enthusiasm with the breaking day”.

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