Training Courses & Workshops for Small Businesses

Are you looking to improve your business skillset? Local Enterprise Office Fingal has developed a range of courses and workshops aimed at improving the knowledge and skills of small business owner-managers, so their business has an increased opportunity for success.

Our range of training courses, workshops and programmes continually evolve to meet the needs of business owners-managers in the Fingal region.

Cashflow Management

Learn what a cash flow forecast is, how it works, and how it impacts on the day-to-day performance of a business.

Pricing for Profit

Correctly cost and price your product or service to maximise profitability in your business whilst exceeding the expectations of your customers.

Personal Communications

Every business owner/manager needs to be an effective communicator to achieve sustainable success. Learn what it takes to communicate at all levels in a variety of situations so that your business can flourish.

Effective Sales

Understand what it takes to gain customers and build a business with well-developed sales skills.

Develop Your Business Skills

Develop strategic thinking and consider the different skills required to drive your enterprise to where you want to go, during and beyond 2020.

Increased Confidence and Communications Skills for Women in Business

Gain the clarity and focus on the mindset, strengths and attributes that will drive your business success. Develop the confidence that empowers you to challenge & overcome imposter syndrome so you can network more effectively while communicating the value of your business. 

Practical Marketing Tips for Business Owners

One of the greatest challenges for any SME owner is how to attract new customers and raise the profile of your business. It tends to be both costly and time consuming and often ends up as bottom of the list of priorities. But if your goal in 2019 is to market your business better, then join the Fingal Local Enterprise Office for this half day workshop.

QQI Cert in Social Media and Digital Marketing

The Digital landscape is changing rapidly. New channels, strategies and benchmarks appear on a daily basis. This practical hands on certificate course will give you a complete overview of all of the core channels and how they fit together in order to plan and deliver successful digital and social media marketing campaigns, applicable for both B2B and B2C businesses.

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