Training Courses & Workshops for Small Businesses

Are you looking to improve your business skill set? Local Enterprise Office Fingal has developed a range of courses and workshops aimed at improving the knowledge and skills of small business owner-managers, so their business has an increased opportunity for success.

Our range of training courses, workshops and programmes continually evolve to meet the needs of business owners-managers in the Fingal region.

Marketing & Social Media - Courses and Workshops

Being able to market your product to the right audience, in an effective way, is essential to growing your business. We recognise the important role marketing plays in allowing small businesses to compete in competitive markets, our range of marketing-related courses and workshops aim to give small business owners the skills necessary to market their business. 

New to Marketing?

'How to Market your Business in One Day'  is a one day interactive and fast moving workshop that will teach participants everything you need to know to market their business effectively. It aims to introduce participants to various marketing concepts and techniques and provides a good marketing foundation.

Want to explore Digital Marketing & Social Media?

The use of digital marketing is increasingly important for small businesses, allowing them to extend their reach while offering reduced marketing costs compared to traditional marketing channels. We provide a range of courses and workshops focused on digital marketing and social media. Our Social Media Workshop will provide participants with an introduction to social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Participants will learn how to create online profiles for their business and connect with existing and potential customers.

For those who are interested in getting more in-depth knowledge of digital marketing, our Diploma in Social Media & Digital Marketing is a FETAC Level 5 accredited course designed to give participants the skills necessary to take full advantage of Digital Marketing and Social Media in order to grow their business.

Interested in Getting your Business on Facebook?

We run Facebook for Business workshops on a regular basis. We cater for novices and advanced users. In the novice workshop, participants will learn how to get their company on Facebook, the world's largest network. During the advanced workshop, participants will learn how to expand their company's presence on Facebook and how they can use Facebook's integrated features to develop their social media strategy.

Website Development & Website Optimisation - Workshops

A core part of any online presence should be a well-designed and optimised website. Our Wordpress Workshop will teach participants how to make and design a website for free and manage it easily by using WordPress as a content management tool.

Having a well-designed website is great but does not make business sense if it is not attracting enough traffic, it is important that a website is also optimised to attract potential customers. Our Search Engine Optimisation Workshop ensures participants have the key skills necessary to generate profit and increase sales through the development of an effective Search Engine Optimisation campaign.

Sales Training - Workshops

Being able to sell a product or service is fundamental to business but not everyone is a born salesperson. Our sales training workshops can help participants develop their selling skills to become a more effective salesperson. This highly intensive and interactive sales programme will provide participants with the necessary skills to enhance their personal selling skills and increase the rate of success during the sales process.

Technology Training - Workshops

Technology has changed the way we do business. Keeping up-to-date with technological advances is important and integrating technology into a business can provide opportunities to enhance business productivity. Our Mobile Technology Workshop aims to equip participants with the knowledge necessary to take advantage of technological developments which allow work to continue while on the move, through the use of reasonably priced devices such as iPads, tablets and smartphones with a variety of free or reasonably priced software applications.

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