Incubation Space in Fingal

Enterprise Centres can offer your new start-up business the chance to avail of small units at affordable rates, whilst also getting the added benefit of shared knowledge, resources and equipment.

Leasing business incubation space, even if it is only for one person initially, can be a huge help in creating a business environment around you. When working from a home office it can become difficult to distinguish between your working life and your home-life, so, surrounding yourself in a culture of learning and development can help bring a greater focus to your business.

Some of the main advantages that your new start-up business will receive in a community based Enterprise Centre include:

  • Flexible licence agreements
  • Affordable rates
  • Networking opportunities
  • Access to business consultancy and mentoring support

Fingal Community-based Enterprise Centres

There are 3 enterprise centres currently in Fingal. For more information on these please click below.