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After what has been an already challenging year for companies, small businesses are being urged to refocus their minds on Brexit ahead of the December 31st deadline. Irrespective of what happens in talks between the UK and the EU before the end of year cut off, the transition period expires and that will change Ireland’s trading position with the UK. This means any company who exports or imports with or through the UK will be affected and will have to change their processes.

As the government launches its next phase of Brexit supports, the Local Enterprise Offices are asking all small businesses to check their Brexit readiness and if in doubt, to reach out. The LEOs have relaunched their Prepare Your Business for Customs workshops with the programme available nationwide to all small companies. The programme will prepare businesses for both trade outcomes i.e. if the UK leaves with a trade agreement, or if it leaves without one, ensuring companies are best prepared for both scenarios.

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Oisin Geoghegan, chair of the network of Local Enterprise Offices, warns that if you ignore this threat you will pay a costly price. “Companies cannot close their eyes to Brexit just because it has been a particularly difficult year to date. Small businesses should not avoid their preparation for this, because the effects may be critical for them. The good news is that they have the time to ensure they are ready. The new phase of Customs workshops is rolling out across the country and if you are trading in, out or through the UK you need to ensure you complete one of these courses.

“Companies should not stop there though. While Brexit can be viewed as a threat, it also an opportunity for a savvy business owner. LEO supports such as Lean for Micro and the Technical Assistance for Micro Exporting (TAME) grant, give small businesses the chance to maximise their potential and also see what new markets can be exploited to increase your revenue stream outside of the UK.

“The bottom line is to get in touch with your Local Enterprise Office on Brexit. Our one-to-one mentoring can ensure that you are best prepared for what is coming down the tracks. So if in doubt, reach out.”

The new phase of Local Enterprise Office Prepare Your Business for Customs Workshops are taking place across the country and you can see upcoming dates here. The rest of the extensive Local Enterprise Office Brexit supports can be viewed here