Corporate Social Responsiblity Event 28th November 2017


The Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation and the CSR Stakeholder Forum invites you to a 

Corporate Social Responsibility SME Event, 

Hotel Doolin, Co Clare, 9-11am, 28th November 2017


The event is to promote CSR practices to local SMEs and will give local SMEs an opportunity to network.  Catherine Heaney, DHR Communications and Chair of the CSR Stakeholder Forum will facilitate a panel discussion on CSR and its benefits for SMEs.  Speakers will tell their CSR story and why it is important for their business.  The speakers are 

  • Aine Martin, Hotel Doolin
  • Fergal Smith, Moyhill Community Garden
  • Biddy O’Neill, Department of Health
  • David O’Flynn, Dawn Meats

Unfortunately, due to limited seating at this event therefore participation will be on a first come basis.  If you wish to attend, please contact as soon as possible.  


What is CSR? 

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a concept whereby enterprises integrate social and environmental concerns into their mainstream business operations on a voluntary basis.  


What is it important to SMEs? 

CSR initiatives can help improve sustainability, competitiveness, ability to attract and retain talent, whilst also fostering social cohesion and protecting the environment.  


What is Ireland’s Second National Plan on Corporate Social Responsibility?

The Plan “Towards Responsible Business”, was launched by the Tánaiste and Minister for Business, Enterprise and Innovation, Frances Fitzgerald T.D. on Monday 26th June 2017 and extends from 20172020. The Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation leads on driving the national CSR agenda as CSR is viewed as a key competitiveness issue.  The Plan focuses on four core dimensions of Corporate Social Responsibility (Workplace, Marketplace, Environment and Community).  A copy of the plan can be accessed on  


What is the CSR Stakeholder Forum

The CSR Stakeholder Forum is responsible for overseeing the implementation of the 17 actions set out in the National Plan on CSR.  Membership of the CSR Stakeholder Forum comprises of representatives of the business sector, key Government Departments / agencies and the community sector. The list of CSR Stakeholder Forum members can be accessed on along with additional information on CSR.  The forum will be holding its quarterly meeting in Hotel Doolin, following the SME event.  


If you are unable to attend, please check out for further information and subscribe to the CSR newsletter.  Also, follow us on Twitter.  We have an online CSR tool for SMEs to see how well your businesses engages in CSR activities.